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Bathing Your Dog

September 16, 2022
Does your canine companion enjoy baths? Chances are, he probably doesn’t. While most dogs enjoy feeling clean, they aren’t big fans of beauty sessions. Good grooming isn’t just about keeping your dog looking nice: it also keeps him comfortable, and can prevent issues such as mange and mats. A New Albany, IN vet offers some insight on Fido’s grooming needs below.

How Often Should I Bathe My Dog?

There’s no one right or wrong answer here, as there are several variables. The first thing to consider would be Fido’s coat type and length. Pups with thick, long fur usually need more baths than those with short, shiny coats. You’ll also need to consider your dog’s skin type: some pooches are a bit greasy, while others are more on the dry side. Last but not least, there’s your pet’s lifestyle. If your furry bff can’t resist rolling around in mud puddles, he’ll need more attention.

Groomer or Home Bath?

This is another thing to think about. Assuming you have a tub large enough to fit Fido, you can probably bathe him at home. However, older dogs and large dogs may have a hard time getting in and out of standard tubs, and will be safer (and more comfortable) with a walk-in station at a groomer’s. If your pooch needs medical grooming, such as anal gland expression, you’ll also need to take him to the salon.

Between Appointments

Fido’s always super cute when he prances out of the salon, feeling fresh and clean. However, you’ll also need to do some maintenance at home in between his beauty sessions. This means paw trims, paw pad care, ear cleaning, doggy dental care, and, for some pups, tearstain removal. Be sure to give your furry buddy treats after!


Are you going the DIY route? There are a few tricks you can adopt that may make this a bit easier for both you and your canine friend. One is to get a clear shower curtain. You’ll only use this for Fido’s baths, so you only need a few hooks. Cut two slits, about shoulder-width apart. These will be armholes, so you can wash your pup without getting splashed. It’s also a good idea to keep all doggy grooming supplies in one caddy. Do you have questions about your canine buddy’s health or care? Contact us, your New Albany, IN animal clinic, today!

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