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Adopt A Dog Month

October 3, 2022
October is Adopt A Dog Month! Did you know that every year about 2 million dogs get adopted? Over half of American households have pets. In fact, there are about 78 million pet dogs in the US alone. There is still a huge need for adoptions, though. Every year, about 6 million pets, including over 3 million dogs, are taken into US shelters. Sadly, almost a sixth of them never get adopted. We love seeing any pups getting adopted. However, adopting Fido is a big decision, so it’s something you’d want to think carefully about. A local New Albany, IN vet discusses adopting a new dog in this article.

A Lifetime Commitment

Our canine pals form very strong bonds with their humans, and get very traumatized by being rehomed. Make sure you are ready for a long term commitment. When you adopt Fido, you’re making a promise to care for him for the rest of his life. That could be over 15 years!


There are lots of things to consider before adopting a pooch. Appearance is one factor, but breed, age, health, and personality are also important. You’ll need to pick a pup that fits with your family and lifestyle. A senior dog may be a bit stressed in a home with young, active kids, while a puppy may be too much for an older person.


Are you considering adopting a puppy? We all know baby dogs are adorable. However, they’re also a lot of work. Fido will need lots of love, care, training, and TLC. Do some research, and ask your vet for tips.

Be Realistic

It’s important to have logical expectations. A Chihuahua may never bring you your slippers, but he will greet you at the door with tail wags and love. Be ready for the ups, downs, laughter, and love that dogs bring us.

Let Love Grow

Our canine pals fill some very important roles in our lives. They act as our friends, protectors, entertainers, therapists, and mentors. They soothe us during hard times, and stand by us no matter what life throws our way. But Fido’s best gift to us is without a doubt his unwavering devotion and loyalty. However, it takes time to forge that bond. Be patient with Fido! Do you have questions about your dog’s care? As your New Albany, IN animal clinic, we’re here to help!

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