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Holidays With Kitties

December 1, 2022

Happy Holidays! It’s probably safe to say that many of our feline patients will be running in full mischief mode over the next few weeks. The holidays can be just as fun for kitties as they are for us! However, there are also some seasonal  dangers for people owned by cats to be aware of. A New Albany, IN vet offers some advice on spending the holidays with Fluffy in this article.


Decorations may make your home look nice and cozy, but as far as your kitty is concerned, you just filled your house with a bunch of new cat toys. Anything small or sharp is unsafe. That includes things like ornament hooks, tinsel strands, fragile ornaments, and even pine needles. Ribbons are also a hazard to Fluffy, as are garlands and light strands. Decorate carefully!


Many traditional holiday plants are toxic to our animal companions. That list includes mistletoe, holly, ivy, and lilies. If you get live plants, keep them well out of paws’ reach. (Check the ASPCA site here for more info.)


Don’t forget to get your feline pal some gifts! Catnip of course is a classic option. Fluffy may also enjoy some modern toys, such as remote-controlled mice or automated laser pointers. You can’t go wrong with comfy beds, either. Be sure to give your kitty some of the empty boxes after everyone has finished opening gifts!


Candles, fireplaces, and potpourri burners all add a welcoming touch, but be careful. It’s far too easy for Fluffy to get singed. Make sure your furry friend can’t reach any flames!


While some of our feline buddies view guests as extra laps to curl up in, others are very nervous around visitors. If Fluffy is a scaredy-cat, offer her a safe spot to retreat to, such as a kitty condo.


We really can’t write a holiday cat blog without at least touching on Fluffy’s penchant for climbing—and often toppling—Christmas trees. There are a few things you can do to make this a little less likely. Hang only a few sparse, unbreakable items on the bottom of the tree. Put most of the decorations, including anything breakable and most of the tinsel and lights, on the top part. Bribery also helps. Give your frisky furball some of her gifts early!

Happy holidays! Please contact us, your New Albany, IN pet hospital, anytime! 

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