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Answer Your Cat’s Questions

January 15, 2023

There’s a pretty important kitty holiday coming up: Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day is January 22nd! Fluffy’s inquisitiveness is really nothing short of legendary. There’s a reason for that old wives’ tale about curiosity killing the cat! If your feline friend could ask questions, what do you think she would want to know? A local New Albany, IN vet lists some of Fluffy’s most pressing questions in this article.

What’s In There?

Any time you open a closet or cupboard that is usually closed, there’s a pretty good chance that your furball will immediately want to poke her cute little nose into it to explore. (This rule also applies to suitcases, boxes, and paper bags.)

Why Do I Have To Go To The Vet?

Fluffy is a homebody by nature, and she’s almost never happy when she has to leave  her domain … even when it’s for her own good! 

Why Can’t I Go Out?

Kitties do need stimulation, and they are always interested in investigating, well, everything. However, the Great Outdoors is a very dangerous place for a little ball of fur. Your feline pal is much better off staying inside, where she’s protected from weather, wild animals, traffic, and other hazards. Of course, she may not agree.

What Are You Doing?

We mentioned kitty curiosity above, but that’s actually a bit of an understatement. Fluffy is downright nosy! Cats also like to monitor their humans closely. Your furry little friend may want to investigate and/or supervise any small tasks you are doing. 

Is It Dinnertime Yet?

Does your feline buddy melt down when she spots the bottom of her food bowl? Fluffy takes her daily meal schedule very seriously! Just don’t let her cajole you into overfeeding her. That plaintive meow could be a lie! 

What Are Your Thoughts On Quantum Physics?

Our feline overlords are definitely very enigmatic. You never know: Fluffy may already have mastered wormholes, teleportation, and string theory! Then again, she may not bother to stay awake long enough for you to answer. 

Where Did My Sunbeam Go?

Many kitties love relaxing in bright, sunny spots. Your furball may be curious about why her favorite sunbeam isn’t available 24/7! 

Of course, you may also have some questions! Please reach out to us, your local New Albany, IN animal clinic, with any questions or concerns about your kitty’s health. 

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