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Spring Hazards For Dogs

April 1, 2023

Every season presents its own pros and cons for our furry friends. For instance, in summer, Fido gets to run and play outdoors, but he is also most vulnerable to parasites and heat-related issues. Spring also brings a few things for pet owners to be concerned about. A New Albany, IN goes over some of them in this article. 

Spring Fever 

Spring fever isn’t a technical medical issue, but it actually is a thing. As the weather warms up, your canine friend may become quite playful and energetic. Fido may just act a bit friskier than usual, but he could also become more inclined to running off or getting into shenanigans. Some pups, however, are more prone to agitation and/or aggression in spring. Make sure your pet is getting plenty of exercise and stimulation. If he hasn’t been fixed yet, get that appointment scheduled ASAP. 


Over the first few weeks, we’ll see the first flowers coming up. Many of those early bloomers are bulbed plants, such as daffodils, tulips, and lilies, all of which are toxic to pets. Garlic, leeks, and onions are also unsafe. (Check the ASPCA site here for more information.) You’ll also need to be careful when applying pesticides and/or fertilizers. Dogs can ingest these toxic chemicals just by walking through a patch that was just sprayed and then licking their paws. Slug bait is also dangerous to your furry buddy. Keep Fido away from areas you’re working on. After you’ve applied the product, hose the spot down, so the chemicals go into the soil. Or, better yet, opt for eco-friendly, pet-safe methods and products.


Allergies are not uncommon in our four-legged friends. In spring, pollen, dust, leaves, grass, and plants can make Fido quite miserable! While some pups may just sniffle or sneeze, others have more serious issues, such as difficulty breathing. If you suspect your furry pal has allergies, limit his outdoor time when pollen counts are high. You’ll also want to bring your pooch to the vet, so you can find out exactly what he’s reacting to and get some specific care tips. 


Fleas, ticks, and heartworms will soon be returning along with the warm weather. Make sure your canine companion is current on vaccines and parasite control! 

Is your dog due for an exam? Contact us, your New Albany, IN pet clinic, today! 

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