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Pet Memorial Day

June 1, 2023

World Pet Memorial Day is June 13th. While this isn’t one of our happier topics, it is one that, sooner or later, affects all pet owners. It’s never easy saying goodbye to a beloved furry companion. In fact, studies have shown that, for many people, the grief of losing a pet is comparable to that of losing a beloved human being. One thing that may help is creating a memorial. A New Albany, IN vet offers some options for this below.


Decorate a vase, bowl, or flowerpot as a tribute to your furry friend. You can add things like pawprints, pet nicknames, and their life dates. You can even decoupage photos of your pet onto it.

Memorial Pieces

Many companies now offer options for turning pet cremains into something beautiful, such as a pendant, orb, or memorial statue. There are some breathtaking options to choose from! 

Living Tributes

Another option is to plant a memorial tree or bush … or even a whole garden. Add memorial stones or statues to make it even more special.


Collages and scrapbooks are classic ways for collecting memories. You can include some of your four-legged pal’s things, such as a toy or collar, as well as pictures and any paperwork you may want to keep. If you’re trying to downsize, one option is to use a digital photo frame. Just upload your favorite photos; it will cycle through them continuously.


Art can also be a wonderful option for preserving memories.  It can also be a healthy way for children to process their emotions after the loss of a family pet. There’s no wrong way to do this. If you enjoy writing, you can write a poem, story, or even a pet obituary. You can also paint a photo of your furry pal, or hire a local artist to make a painting out of a favorite picture.


While nothing can bring your four-legged pal back, there are still many animals out there who need loving homes. Consider volunteering or even fostering homeless pets. You may also want to donate some of your pet’s belongings in their name.

If you’ve recently lost a beloved pet, please accept our condolences. All of us at All Pets Veterinary Center, your New Albany, IN veterinary clinic, understand how painful it is to have to say goodbye to a furry best friend.

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