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Tips For Feeding Multiple Pets

October 15, 2023

Do you have more than one pet? More pets means more love, more adorable moments, and more fun. However, it can get tricky around meal time. Even the most well-behaved dogs and cats usually won’t hesitate to snap up their roommates food! This can lead to tussles, which is the last thing you want. With dogs or cats that are food aggressive, it can also spark more serious tension. A local New Albany, IN vet offers some advice on this below.

Go High Tech

If your pet hasn’t been microchipped, we recommend getting that done ASAP. This tiny device could one day save your pet’s life. However, there’s another benefit. You can now get feeding bowls that will only open for a specific microchip. This can be very helpful if you have two or more kitties or small dogs with specific dietary needs.


Our furry friends tend to thrive on steady schedules. That includes meal times. You may find it better to feed your four-legged pals at specific times. If you’re feeding everyone at the same time, hopefully they’ll all be too focused on their own meals to start trouble.


If you have one pet that finishes their supper first and then goes after another one’s, you may need to go a step further and feed your pets in separate areas. Crates can be an option for this. You can also use baby gates as barriers between separate rooms. Puppy kennels will work as well. If one of your pooches eats faster than the other, keep him contained until all of them are done with their meals.


Do you have both a dog and a cat? Keeping Fido out of Fluffy’s food can be tricky. One option is to feed your kitty in a higher spot, such as a cat tower. You can also look for a piece of furniture that will fit your cat but not your dog. Many pieces made to hold litterboxes will work for this. If you have a utility room, or perhaps want to use a spare bathroom, you can also install a kitty door.


You’ll also need to be careful about offering treats. Don’t drop snacks on the floor: that could cause your furry pals to fight over them. Ask your vet for more tips on feeding multiple pets.

Do you have questions about your pet’s diet, health, or care? Contact us, your local New Albany, IN pet hospital, anytime.

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