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Pawesome Reasons To Adopt A Specially-Abled Pet

May 1, 2024

Some of our four-legged companions have an extra-special day on May 3rd: National Specially-Abled Pets Day. We think these sweet and brave animals should be appreciated year-round, so we are more than happy to turn the spotlight over. Continue reading to gain insight from a local Louisville, KY veterinarian about pets with special needs.

What Does National Specially-Abled Pets Day Entail?

Specially-abled pets might also be referred to as special needs, but the term ‘specially-abled’ pets has a far more positive spin. Interestingly, it was initially referred to as National Disabled Pets Day. The founder made adjustments to give it a more optimistic feel and shifted the focus towards highlighting the abilities of these pets. They have the ability to love, entertain us, cuddle, and effortlessly capture our hearts. They’re also fully capable of making mischief, and cracking us up with their adorable antics.

What Are The Benefits Of Adopting A Specially-Abled Pet?

There are actually some incredibly special advantages to adopting one of these overlooked, underappreciated pets. Many pets with special needs simply want the same things as other pets: to be loved and cared for. Actually, a lot of them are desperate for attention and form strong bonds with those who help them. It should come as no surprise that so many people melt when their adorable but flawed dogs give them cuddles, purrs, and tail wags. There are plenty of people who insist that their specially-abled pets are the cutest, most loving pet ever. 

Ultimately, you’d want to adopt one of these sweet pets for the exact same reason you’d want any pet. Our furry pals enrich our lives, fill our days with love and affection, offer unwavering companionship and boundless snuggles, console us, and bring joy to our hearts. 

Adopting a companion with special needs can be an extremely rewarding experience for many individuals. 

Do Pets With Special Needs Require Extra Care?

Many pets with special needs require no more care than any other animal. Others just need slightly different care. For instance, a deaf dog can be taught to recognize and react to hand signals and a waving flashlight, instead of relying on verbal commands. A blind dog may require a vest and possibly an extra harness and leash during walks. Like any other pup, both will enjoy toys, treats, and belly rubs.

And then we have the tri-paweds, or pets in wheelchairs. It’s incredibly heartwarming to witness the pure delight on the faces of these adorable dogs and cats as they frolic and play. In fact, tri-pawed playdates may be one of the cutest things ever to witness. These pets don’t care if they’re different: they’re too busy having fun with their friends! 

Why Don’t People Adopt More Specially-Abled Pets?

Many people tend to overlook these pets without giving them a fair chance, just based on assumptions. There is a common misconception that special needs pets require a significant amount of additional care and attention. Some believe that adopters should have medical or veterinary care experience, while others worry about the potential costs of veterinary care.

However, a lot of those things simply don’t apply. Take the example of a pet that has undergone a limb amputation. Once they have fully recovered, they may not need to come see us any more than any other pet. 

In the grand scheme of things, every one of these pets is truly unique, and they each require their own specific care. One of the reasons why this awareness day holds significance is because it prompts individuals to investigate the issue and inquire, instead of making assumptions.

With that being said, it is crucial to select the perfect match. Let’s be honest, a blind dog might not be the ideal choice for someone who enjoys hiking in the mountains. That said, if you happen to come across an adorable pet, it wouldn’t hurt to take a closer look. Many people insist that these guys make the best pets! 

What Are Pets with Special Abilities?

This word is used to describe pets that are, well, not quite perfect. Fido might be missing a leg, or he could be blind or deaf. Fluffy might have been born with a deformed leg, or lost an eye to an infection or an accident. This roster also includes dogs and cats with diabetes, cats that test positive for FeLV, and even some pets with behavioral issues, such as anxiety.

What do all of these guys have in common? A remarkable ability to experience and reciprocate love. It’s important to remember that pets are incredibly resilient and sometimes recover from illness and injury without missing a stride. 

One of the reasons behind this is that pets have a different way of thinking compared to humans. They live in the now. For instance, when it comes to adopting deaf or blind animals, people are always surprised at how quickly they adapt. However, given that many pets heavily depend on their sense of smell, it’s not really a surprise.

What Should I Do Before Adopting A Specially-Abled Pet?

First, we would suggest a lot of research and a lot of thinking. Adoption is forever! That said, preparing for a specially-abled pet is generally quite similar to preparing for any other pet. 

petproofing is essential. The specific steps you will need to take will vary depending on the type of pet you are getting. For example, if you’re considering adopting a blind dog, placing carpet runners and stick-on air fresheners around your home will help Fido navigate his surroundings. You’ll also need to make sure that any potential hazards, like a fireplace or stairs, are properly blocked off. Ask your veterinarian for further details.

Do Specially-Abled Pets Cost A Lot?

It’s difficult to provide a definitive answer regarding price due to the wide range of variations. However, numerous shelters and rescues provide specially-abled pets at reduced prices, simply for the purpose of helping them find loving homes. If you’ve found a perfectly-imperfect pet, talk to the shelter or rescue organization and also your Louisville, KY veterinarian.  

What Are Other Ways To Help Pets With Special Needs?

Supporting specially-abled pets is not limited to adoption alone. One suggestion is to consider volunteering at a rescue or shelter that works with pets with special needs. If you have some spare time, you might want to consider volunteering or even fostering. You can also donate money or supplies. There are countless amazing rescue organizations that could use some help!

And finally, remember to spread the news! When it comes to animal welfare issues, simply raising awareness can have a significant impact in driving positive changes.

In Conclusion, National Specially-Abled Pets Day is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate and raise awareness for those adorable pets who may have some unique challenges but still deserve to find loving homes. It serves as a reminder for people to open their hearts and consider adopting these special pets.

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