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Easy Ways To Amuse Your Cat

June 14, 2022
There are many things to love about our feline friends. Fluffy is not only cute, charismatic, and clean, she’s also an easy keeper, who spends a rather ridiculous amount of time sleeping. Of course, even the drowsiest furball still needs entertainment options. Cats can’t sleep all the time! Your pet will need something to do for the few hours of the day she’s actually awake. A New Albany, KY vet lists some cute kitty entertainment options below.

Window Seat

We strongly recommend keeping cats indoors, for their own health and safety. However, Fluffy can still enjoy birdwatching. Get your kitty a comfy window seat, so she can soak up some sun while watching local wildlife and daydreaming about hunting.


Put pet-safe plants on a screened porch or in a spare room, along with some comfy kitty furniture. Instant purr! You can find a list on the ASPCA website here.

Things To Explore

Fluffy is very, very curious. (She may actually be too curious for her own good, but that’s another topic.) Give your nosy little pet things like newspaper tunnels to explore and investigate.


Cats all have their own tastes, and that applies to their toys as well. Mittens may go ballistic for catnip mice, while Fluffy may prefer pouncing on a bottlecap. Try different things, and see what your furball likes best.


Kitties are quite complicated, but their tastes are actually quite simple. Just giving Fluffy the occasional cardboard box will keep her motor going.


Even if Fluffy has a mountain of catnip mice to pounce on (and tons more under the couch), she’ll still find playtime more fun with a buddy. Play with your feline pal daily! This will also keep her in shape and provide mental stimulation. It’s also a cute way to spend time with your pet.


We may never really find out exactly how much language kitties understand. However, we do know they like it when we talk to them. Fluffy can pick up a lot just from your tone of voice!


Did you know that there are shows and documentaries—and even whole channels—made just for Fluffy? Some cats really like watching TV. Try it! (Note: your mileage may vary.) As your New Albany, KY animal clinic, we’re dedicated to offering great care. Please contact us for all your pet’s veterinary care needs.

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