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How To Spoil A Sugar Glider

June 14, 2022
Have you recently adopted a sugar glider, or perhaps a bonded pair? These little guys are very cute and fun, so it’s no wonder they’re gaining popularity so quickly. We’re pretty smitten as well! A Louisville, KY vet offers some advice on how to spoil a sugar glider below.


Just like all our other patients, sugar gliders love snacks. Your cute pets can enjoy small amounts of fresh or dried (not canned) glider-safe fruits, such as papaya, banana, and watermelon, on occasion. Apple or orange juice mixed with water and applesauce are also big hits, as are mealworms. Ask your vet for specific advice, including safe and unsafe treats.


Our animal companions need entertainment and stimulation, just as we do. Your little buddies will probably love foraging toys. You can also get your gliders exercise wheels, as well as things like swings, hammocks, pouches, and ladders.


Eucalyptus is a big hit with these little furballs. Give your charming pets store-bought branches, though, as ‘wild’ trees could be carrying germs. Eucalyptus-flavored treats are also very popular.


Okay, let’s be honest: after you let your sugar gliders out to play, you may find yourself cleaning up some little messes. One way to solve that problem? Put your gliders in diapers! Just don’t leave these on for long; you don’t want your furry little friends getting urine scalds.


Sugar gliders are very friendly and sociable. This is one animal that absolutely needs to be with others of its own kind. Just take care to only house same-sex gliders together, as otherwise you’ll end up with more pets than you signed on for!

Climbing Walls

Sugar gliders love to climb things! If you want to go all-out, make your playful little pets a climbing wall. You can incorporate things like ladders, swings, branches, and fringed vine toys, as well as hanging tents and pouches. Snuggles Like any other pet, sugar gliders need to feel loved. One way to bond with these guys is to let them curl up in your pockets while you’re reading or watching TV. You can actually get yourself an apron made just for sugar glider owners. These are decorated with things like rings, ladders, and, of course, lots of pouches and pockets. Do you have questions about sugar glider care? Contact us, your local Louisville, KY animal clinic, today!

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