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7 Benefits of Adopting An Exotic Pet

July 1, 2022
Are you considering adopting a new pet? While dogs and cats are still the most popular choices—and will likely hold on to those top spots—more and more people are taking a liking to exotic pets. As it turns out, there are some pretty distinct benefits to choosing an exotic. A local New Albany, KY veterinarian goes over some of the biggest ones in this article.


Having an exotic pet can be a fun way to express yourself and march to the beat of your own drum. Just be prepared to commit! Animals are living beings that need love and care to thrive. Adopting one is a big responsibility!

Pretty Habitats

Exotic pet habitats can make bold, attractive centerpieces. Plants, lighting, rocks, and trees all bring a taste of nature into your home. They’re also very relaxing to look at!


Many exotics—particularly reptiles and amphibians—don’t produce fur or dander. That makes them a great option for anyone with allergies.

No Muss, No Fuss

Although some pets need time out of their habitats, many exotics spend most of their time in their vivariums. That cuts down on cleanup duties. Plus, you won’t come home to find that your pet chewed up your shoe or ate your new purse.

They’re Cute

Exotics are actually more charismatic than many people think. While a snake may not be as outgoing as a dog, reptiles do have personas. The more time you spend with your pet, the more you’ll see their personality shining through.

No Training Required

We love our canine companions, but they do need quite a lot of training to learn how to be very good boys. Exotics may need to be tamed, but they don’t usually require much training.

Easy Maintenance

Although every animal is different, many exotics are actually easy keepers. For instance, snakes might only eat once or twice a week. All you need to do for them on most days would be removing waste and changing their water.


Exotic pets are great, but many of them have very specific care needs. Do plenty of research before adopting one. If you do decide to get an exotic, go through a reputable store or breeder. Ask your vet for specific care tips. Do you have questions about caring for an exotic pet? Contact us, your local New Albany, KY animal clinic, today!

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