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Reasons Your Cat Could Be Hiding

August 15, 2023

Has your feline pal been withdrawing and/or hiding a lot? This can be a tricky one, because in some cases, it’s quite normal. However, if your kitty is hiding all the time, there could be something going on with her. You’ll need to figure out what’s behind her behavior. A local New Albany, IN vet offers some possible reasons in this article.

Settling In

If you’ve just adopted Fluffy, or perhaps have just moved to a new place, your furry friend may just be feeling unsettled and/or trying to get a feel for her new home without exposing herself to any new dangers. Don’t force her to emerge: let her explore on her own.


Fluffy may just have found herself a nice, quiet spot to add into the rotation of her favorite napping spots. If she emerges bright-eyed and meowing at suppertime, you likely don’t need to worry. 

Medical Issues

Our feline buddies also sometimes withdraw when they aren’t feeling well. Pay close attention to Fluffy, especially if hiding isn’t normal behavior for her. Look for other signs of sickness, such as weight loss, vomiting, diarrhea, fever, lethargy, or respiratory issues. If you notice any, and/or if the hiding is really just out of the norm for your furry pal, contact  your vet immediately.


Do you have more than one pet? Fluffy might be hiding from her four-legged roommates. While kitties can get along with other animals, that isn’t always the case. Pay equal attention to your furry friends, and make sure they don’t have to compete for things like food, water, litterbox space, beds, or your attention. Those with dogs will need to be extra cautious. If Fido is well-behaved, Fluffy may still be frightened, but at least isn’t in danger. However, if your canine pal is actively going after her, you have a serious problem on your hands, and one that could end up with your cat getting injured. Contact a pet behaviorist.


Last but not least, there’s also a chance that Fluffy is just lying in wait, biding her time until the perfect chance for an ambush appears. Take time to play with your feline friend regularly … and prepare to be pounced on! 

Do you have questions about your pet’s health or care? Please contact us, your local New Albany, IN animal clinic, today.

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